[GAME] Dungeon Conqueror

Hey Guys,
I created my very own Text Adventure called DUNGEON CONQUEROR.
Unity 5 WebGL


Try it.
Give me feedbacks guys.


Well done, I didn’t run into any bugs, but there’s a lot of routes that I didn’t take.

Two things; there are several spelling and grammar errors in the game that you may want to correct.
Also, since you mention checkpoints in the text of the game perhaps you should make it so when you die you can go back to the most recent checkpoint or restart from the beginning.

Thank you, gnotnoj

I’m aware about my grammar errors. Also, about the checkpoints, its not like where you can retry again and respawn from the checkpoint.
Its more like… how should I put it. I know I used the wrong word, but its not like that. Its like, it is in the starting point of each level, that is why I call it “checkpoint”. I don’t know what word I should use.

It’s a chokepoint or bottleneck in your code, where basically all of the decisions made prior are null, because there’s only one way that you could get there. It’s usually better to not make them obvious or point them out, just mention that they can’t go back down the stairs. If you don’t make them obvious then they won’t be noticed and the game seems more complex.

Hi @StrikeFury30,
Nice game, I liked the story.

Cheers & Good Luck,

thanks man.
I’m glad you enjoyed it.


First playthrough and I got murdered immediately. Well done! :slight_smile:

As for the checkpoint/chokepoint thing, you could refer to them as a fork in the road or in the case of three (having come from the fourth direction) you could say a crossroads.

Regardless, though, excellent work on managing all those states/pathways! Had to try a few times before getting all the way through. Nice graphic too!

Fantastic job man, I enjoyed myself throughout.
Making this something that was far-removed from the basic premise of the tutorial was refreshing.


  1. Consider a turn-based system as the current design allows for this, for example; after I initially cast the fireball against the 2nd floor boss without first applying the napalm I expected to be punished for it by a boss response in the typical manner: an attack.
  2. Consider implementing a state method handler to check your current inventory at any time.
  3. Consider indicating to the player that pulling the sword is the right thing to do, by providing some sort of proof of progress, e.g: “it’s coming loose”, .etc. I wasn’t sure if I was wasting my efforts and time there after about the fourth tug at it - I only continued to see how many times I could repeat the action, and if something in the code would break and throw an exception if I persisted. Essentially, take the same approach here as you had with the large stone door in the Crystal Cave

What I liked:

  1. The intuitive combat options
  2. The fluid progression
  3. The various choices offered
  4. The ever present sense of vulnerability
  5. Slaying the minotaur on the first attept, thanks to point 1 (see above)
  6. Cutting through swathes of foes
  7. The multiple combat stages of the final floor boss
  8. Purging the Shadow Demon on the first attempt, again, thanks to point 1

Playthroughs: 5

  • Killed by mimic chest after exploring west side of the cave entrance
  • Killed by a floor trap after pressing a the “rocked-shaped” button on the 1st floor
  • killed by an arrow after triggering a door trap on the 3rd floor
  • killed by the Hell Hound on the 4th floor (it was faster than I expected)

How long did this project take you to build and deploy? Did you enjoy the process throughout?

Thanks, glad you’re enjoying the game i made.
And thanks for the checkpoint thing, i’ll keep in mind.

Thanks UncaughtType Error, I’m glad you enjoyed my game.
I’ll keep in mind on your suggestions.

Game On!!!

I like the premise for the game. I noticed a few errors straight away though.
We travel west along a corridor and then we’re asked if we’d like to go north or east at the end.
If we choose East, we would be backtracking since we just came fomr the east and north is a dead end?..
So I choose east anyway… and it says “You head west all the way…”

Need to make sure the directions all make sense, best to draw the map on a piece of paper with a compass on it too so you can’t make any mistakes when writing.

I Guess, Im back. =)

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Been quite a while, welcome back!

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