Game Design Document



Battle Tank is an open world, arena game where tanks face off against each other for a predetermined amount of time. The tank that has taken the least amount of damage by the time has elapsed is the winner.


  • All tanks begin with equal armour (health) and ammunition.
  • Countdown timer begins at the start of play.
  • Game finishs either when only one tank remains, or when the timer reaches zero.
  • The winner is the tank that has taken the least amount of damage.
  • If more than one tank has equally the least amount of damage, the game is a draw.
  • The environment can provide cover from enemy attacks.


  • Certain terrain is easier to across than others. Types include:

    1. Grass
    2. Rock
    3. Sand
    4. Ice
    5. Water
  • Pickups spawn randomly for a limited amount of time. Types include:

    1. Increased damage
    2. Extra armour
    3. Increased range
    4. Extra clock time
    5. Increased speed (temporary)
    6. Extra ammunition
    7. Auto-turret (automatically fires upon enemies when within a close range to do minor damage for a short duration)
    8. Invisibility (temporary)


  • Graphics

    1. Tank assets
    2. Projectile assets
    3. Pickup assets
    4. Explosion assets
    5. HUD
    6. Terrain assets
  • Sound

    1. Tank movement
    2. Shooting sounds
    3. Explosion sounds
    4. Pickup sounds
    5. Theme music
    6. Win music
    7. Loss music
    8. Final second’s beeps