Game Design course

As per title, I think it would be great! :slight_smile:

I think it would be a great idea!
I will develop a bit since it hasn’t been much here, but I think it’s be great to learn theorical stuffs about how to create an experience. I’ve been to a gamedev school where there was a specific courses about it, based on books like The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell, a Theory of Game by Raph Koster, or Gamer’s Brain or Psychology of Video Games (a shorter one) by Celia Hodent.
What is an experience, how and what elements composes its and enhance it, the theme of the game, how the graphics, story, characters, and world building enhance it, how it serves it and in which consistent way it is made…
Still, those books must talk about lot of aspect of Game Design, but I guess some videos course about Game Design concepts could be cool for those who aren’t the book kind of persons!

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I definitely agree!

Also, thing like Design Documents, how to iterate and prototype ideas and stuff in an efficient way to quickly see what works or not, how to organise playtest and get feedback, how to test different intent, organise questionnaires, how to use them to see if our intent works and what to make of the feedback and take into account, etc

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I’ve been asking for a course about this topic for YEARS.

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I was about to post this suggestion, but thought I should see if anyone had done so already.

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