Game crashing

When I add sound clips to an array at the ball and then start the game, Unity crashes. Any idea how to fix this?

Hi Stralle,

What happens if you remove the sound clips? Are there any error messages in your console? Have you already compared your code to the Lecture Project Changes which can be found in the Resources of this lecture?

I compared code, everything is just find.
I have no idea what happens if I remove the sound clips, all I can just say is that know everything works like a charm and I changed nothing :smiley:

Which version of Unity do you use? Please do not use an alpha or beta version of Unity for your actual projects. They are full of bugs. Downgrade to a stable version with an “f” in its version number.

I use the final version. 2018.3.5f1

Have you tested a different sound clip? I’m surprised that you do not get any error messages even though you just removed the sound clips. Actually, you should get a NullReferenceException or something like that.

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