Game Commission: Chinese Ghost Head Feedback pls!

First run at a sculpted Chinese Ghost head!!!

Would love feed back… at the moment hi-poly then we decimate till performance is sorted.



Hey nice go at sculpting. I would say that right off the bat the hair is throwing it off for me. esp for the mustach/beard. The angle and some locations just seems off as well. I like your skin and the texture there. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome! Thanks for you time and comments! I’m going back to re weight paint for the hair!!!

We’re keeping the hair… once the wind kicks in and it flows!! Also based of a ancient painting of the actual type of ghost… the long mo and beard were a fashion (i know right!) of the dynasty!!!

Thanks again!!!

For sure. I was meaning just the thickness. Sorry. forgot to add that. Its the thickness of the hair that seems out of place, not the having it. Best of fun with that project.

Awesome!!! Let me play with the thickness for a while… also did an update with his ancient robes… thanks again for taking the time!FullTes2


Sure. No problem. Thanks for putting yourself out there. One of the things I love most about blender is the community. Are you using the same particle system for both the head hair and the facial hair? I would separate them. Look at some of the facial points like how it is coming from his cheek on his left, view right. With the lighting in this picture just wondering about the bottom view left, orange light. Seems to be kind of conflicting with the scene. Even if you were carrying a torch and saw him, I don’t think it would be at that angle… just some things I see. Again thanks for being up for criticisms. Only way we can really grow as artists. I like the scene your painting here. Looks fun.

Awesome! So much of lighting is just for effect… like you’re in the woods with car light behind you… it’s an old photography trick just to make the object better (as opposed to realism!!!.. cheeky i know!

Re made the forest and rendered as an oil painting in Photoshop for some artwork promotional material.

Reworking the hair ATM… doing more tutorials also on the cloth physics!

The Oil

painting ROCKS!!!


I love this! Especially the textures of the mouth. It’s hard for me to attempt to give you knowledgeable feedback on your work as I’ve literally only just started using blender and thus far I’m a complete disaster… might be due to the fact that I started right off the bat by attempting to model a human figure :joy: Back to the topic at hand though. I’ve got to agree with Ian on the hair though. It looks a bit off. I’m not sure whether it’s the thickness of it. The face itself looks 3D and well thought out, the hair just seems to be stuck to the page and could do with a touch up, although positioning of light and such could possibly fix this in itself. Still love it though :sparkling_heart:

Thank You!!!

We importing into Unity and gonna work on the hair in there!!! We’ve taking all the feedback and am playing with thickness and physics for wind movement!!!

Stick with it!!! I’m 4months? into starting from scratch doing the course and having a goal like a human is AWESOME! Mine was a walking Battlemech… 80’s nerd dream!

Thanks for you time and thoughts!!!

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