[Game] Can you ESCAPE the spaceship in time? (A text adventure.)

My text 101 project. Added a countdown for some added urgency, as well as a difficulty select. Lots of custom enums and nested ifs because of the complex state relationships. Would love to hear your thoughts. (Also created a custom graphic, courtesy of textcraft.net.) Thanks in advance!

Click here to play ESCAPE: http://bit.ly/2yzINXW

Pretty cool text 101 implementation.
I escaped on my second attempt (Hard Mode). I had two guesses for the door combination and tried the wrong one first :stuck_out_tongue: .
Since there are situations where we revisit some states, maybe you could put a line break before every selectable option.
This you make it easier to check the shortcut for choose the option we want.

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Thanks, appreciate the feedback. If I revisit the program, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind!

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