[GAME] Brix (block breaker)

Uploaded my project on Itch.io, 30 levels, tell me what you think! I’ve made my own graphics and music with it. If you want to hear the music tracks I can link you to my soundcloud. https://pikuchoe.itch.io/brix


Very fine work, you’ve done there.

The soothing music nicely complements the graphic style and gameplay.
Great sound effects as well!

Implementing power-ups (and in such a great way and variety) is not an easy task, especially that early in the course (talking out of experience, I am JUST at that point :grin:).
It shows your dedication to the project. Again: very well done.

Some critic if you dont’t mind:

A playerscore would have been nice.
I think, the “continue”-button should be on the first screen after losing the ball, so you don’t have to double click “all the time”.
The ability to influence the direction of the ball, when hitting the paddle, would greatly improve the gameplay.

Thank you! Critique is always welcome!

I had thought about the score… I wasn’t sure if it would be worthwhile putting in at the time because of the Random powerup drops. I suppose it’s nice to see those high numbers though.

Ahh… double click? There’s a retry button that allows you to reset the level once you have lost the ball.
The ability to influence the ball, I agree with this.

Ahh i see, so you’re on the course as well! hows it going for you? :3

It goes well, but slow, googling unity answers more than anything else and getting distracted by random unity/C# tutorials :rofl:

hahaha xD

I’ve updated it with a few things, levels should be more interesting now

Great job Piku–very clean.


Solid game you’ve made. I like the powerups (and power downs). You put alot of love and effort into the game and it shows.

Nice man! good game! where do you get the sounds?

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