[Game] Bricky Breako - Arkanoid Clone game

Finally I have completed my version of the Arkanoid clone.
I have made all the sprites for the game using msPaint and Gimp.
I added a boss battle and some related gameplay elements related to that.
I also added a life system.

I tried to keep the levels short but the first one is still way too long in my opinion. Maybe I will remove it later.

Anyways, please leave some feedback/suggestion if you have an opinion.

Those spinning moving bars in the blue space stage are quite tricky. I like how it brings some tension to every attempt to pass the ball through them. I got stuck though the stage bugged and after all bricks were down, the ball got stuck on the left

Ive never had an issue with the ball being stuck. Ill look into it.
The level not ending happens sometime. Im not sure why. Ill do a thorough check tomorow night.

Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding the ball going through the wall and being stuck:
Maybe your ball collider collision type is discrete.
Try to change it to “continuous dynamic”. This option is more performance demanding but also more precise.

Ill check it out. Thanks for the tip.

I don’t understand why, but when I destroy all the bricks, of the first level, it doesn’t load the next level.

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