[Game] Brick Breaker...with a couple additions :P

Brick Breaker

Added lives, speed up meter, better ball handling (on paddle and off walls), +1 life and speed reset, ball “phasing” and ‘sparks’. Sparks will be used to buy power ups between levels.

Definitely a work in-progress but it has been fun. Please let me know what you think. What is the highest spark count you can get before you die or win?

Also–if you want to skip ahead to the phasing to see how that works click the subtitle on the title screen. I think I can do a lot with that in level-design.

Still in-work:

  1. red flash on death
  2. per level music
  3. additional sound effects
  4. between level shops & story elements
  5. additional power-ups
  6. more levels
  7. visible boundaries with additional mechanics surrounding them
  8. custom art (current art is from google with “reuse” filter or ‘free 2d art’ site

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