[GAME] Blocky Block

My version of the Brick Breaker game. Hope you enjoy!
Blocky Block
P.S.: I also uploaded the game at itch.io
If you like the game, support plz!

Just played the first 2 levels via itch: Nice!

Good control on the ball, nice fresh layout and backgrounds, good music and sounds.
Did you adjust the ball speed/ script or maintained the original one? (im asking cause i cant get mine right for some reason).

Nice Itch.io website with screenshots. That really helps what to expect.

One tip tho: dont put your own product down in the description. I liked it for example :slight_smile: . If people have comments or feedback on your product, they hopefully will tell you, so you can improve it for even better :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your feedback!!!
Well, for the ball, i played around a little with the gravity scale and the velocity to get the best result possible, but to be honest, i was never fully satisfied with the result. I ended up changing the random range of the ball’s velocity on collisions and making its start value progressively higher with each level.

Cool! I have to fiddle with that myself for a bit.
Btw I forgot to mention the lives you put in, nice touch too.

Thank you :smile:

very cool man, how did you the different effects?

With a lot of hard work :stuck_out_tongue:
But basically, i created tags for each brick prefab and connected each tag with a different effect.
The effects themselves required a lot of troubleshooting, because they either messed up the scripts’ logic or they were just difficult to create in a way that they would work properly.
For example, when the ball is a “rainbow”, everything it touches becomes the easiest brick in the game. I managed to create that effect by destroying the game object that the ball touches and instantiating another brick in its place. Although that was relatively easy, the hardest thing was to adjust the breakableCount variable, or rather to make it work properly when this effect takes place.
Hope this helps. And thank you for your kind words! :slight_smile:

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