[Game] Block Breaker! - Try my game!

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I ended up finishing my first game!

I added some sound effect when the ball hits on the walls and paddle.

I also give smoke puff a little change so it feels like explosion effect.

I hope you guys enjoy my game.

Thanks in advance!

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Congratulations on completing your first game Jeff! :slight_smile:

I really like the aesthetics of your take on Block Breaker.

The particles for the ricochets on the wall are a great touch. The sound effects fit with the type of game, as does the music.

I’ve not managed to get past the second level yet!

Couple of suggestions for going forward with this game;

  • Player Journey - Your first level is nice and basic, which gives the player the ability to work out what happens when and that these blocks only require one hit. However, the speed of the ball is very fast for a first level.

    The second level introduces non-breakable blocks and blocks which require more than one hit, it is also very fast.

    I would suggest perhaps slowing the initial speed of the ball down a little, gradually increasing it after a specific number of rebounds or, as the levels increase.

    I’d also recommend introducing new game player aspects to the player gradually, for example, perhaps the second level has a few blocks that need 2 hits but not the indestructible blocks, then later, introduce those. Give the player chance to learn and say “ah, the silver ones can’t be broken” etc.

  • Lives - oooh, so frustrating to nearly complete level two and then have to do level one again because I only have one life. I would recommend adding a feature where the player starts with perhaps 3 lives (paddles) and can perhaps earn more through either level progress or score (see below).

  • Score - I came away from the game thinking, that was really nice, it was a great looking game but I don’t want to keep playing that same level. My recollection of my progress was merely “I didn’t complete level two”. That could be a case of my losing my life after one ricochet, or, having only one block left to destroy. If you were to enable a scoring mechanism you could then display the score to the player when they lose and you offer them the play again screen. You could also consider displaying say the top 5 scores of the day on the main scene (playerprefs can be used to store this).

  • The little explosions that you have added are a nice touch, but I found myself thinking, “why do these blocks explode?” - what are they made of? what are they being hit with, I thought it was just a ball? What is the story behind the game? Arkanoid for example has one. If you consider your story and then find that it doesn’t make sense for the explosions, these could be changed to something else, so that the game stills offers the pleasing aesthetics, but in a way more true to the story line. For example, the simplest thing I can think of would perhaps be to have some little square particles when a block is destroyed that fall downwards, the same colour as the block that was destroyed. That would suggest that the particles falling are little bits of debris from the “block” which was “broken” etc.

    Of course, if you were to introduce an exploding block type, one which perhaps caused damage to surrounding blocks too, that would make perfect sense to have an exposion!

There are loads of other features that can be added to a version of block breaker (power ups / downs, lives, scoring, high score, player name with score, perhaps some clever take on a boss level) but the above few I think would really add to what you already have.

Hope the above is of use and well done again on completing your first game - it looks really good and plays well. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful review of my game!

You gave me a lot of guidance to improve my game further.

I couldn’t notice that the explosion doesn’t make sense until you pointed that out.

I also realized Level 02 is super hard so I think I need to fix it.

Sooner or later I will give it a try to apply your suggestions and make my game better!

Player Journey, Lives, Score system and so on

I thank you again for your dense and insightful review!

You gave me tons of inspiration!

I can’t wait to make my game better and I am really enjoying this community!

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You’re more than welcome, I will look forward to seeing either updates to this game, or your next game, or both! :slight_smile:

I dug the ricochet effects too, but the ball got stuck in an infinite loop on level 2 where it would bounce left and right, get pulled down by gravity a little, only to climb back up the wall again a half second later. I’m thinking it has to do with the difference in the tweak that’s being added on each bounce and the amount of gravity that’s being applied.
Also, the music has a hitch in the loop point where every 4 bars there’s a slight gap before playback begins again. Maybe look closely at the wav in an editor and make sure there’s no gaps at the beginning or end of the wavform to make looping a little more seamless.
Other than that it’s cool!

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Scott I really thank you for your comment !

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I like your game. The ricochet effects makes it a lot more rewarding to play and held my interest.

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