[GAME] Block Break - An Arkanoid Clone [UPDATED]

Hey everyone.
It has been really inspiring to play some of your games. Great work!
I now present mine:
“Block Break” - An Arkanoid Clone (https://gamebucket.io/game/878cd480-d288-483e-9471-069531db610f)

Notable Features/Stuff:

  • Smaller than the other Block Breaker games (in window size).
  • Custom-made sprites, background, etc. (Aseprite).
  • Arkanoid-like esthetic.
  • Curved/round paddle.
  • Moving bricks (level 3 - it’s worth it).

Other than level 3, the size and the main menu, it’s much like many of the other great games here. I suggest you give it a try.



The link has been updated to version 2, now with particles, lives and sound improvements!

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