Game Asset Pack, Fluffy bunny and the Human head in Blender 2.8 on Udemy

By when can we expect the following to be updated for Blender 2.8 in Udemy? Game asset pack I noticed is starting to get updated but would appreciate if you can give rough timelines for these please - thanks

Game Asset Pack, Fluffy bunny and the Human head

Hi GameMonkey,

They are coming at around a rate of two videos a week (we batch upload the starting videos as they are not as technical), We are changing the order as you have noted in your post there and this is due to 2.81 being released and the sculpting has new tools (I dont even know what they do, Well i do just not how on earth we would use them for anything lol)
This means its not a straight remaster as the previous sections where mostly it was just UI changes and irritation fixes now we are getting to the meaty changes it takes a little longer to prototype.


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