FY! Jan 2019 builds

In the latest iterations of Blender 2.8 Beta ‘UV Editing’ and ‘Image Editing’ have separate work areas. More importantly, the tools for actually working with images do not appear to have been connected to the new “Image Editor” window/tool-shelf. This means there is no way to change the color, brush, or brush properties in order to work with the images.

The newest build as of this posting was released on 14 Jan 2019

Hi Capricas,

Yes we are aware of these changes and atm i am not sure on the road map for this course in whats happening.
If you could post a screenshot as i think the brushes are there in the build i got a few days ago so it may have changed or it might be that its in a wierd collapsed menu on the left that actually does not indicate that it can be expanded to show it.

Let me know how you get on and we will see if we can solve this for you.

Incidentally we are currently upgrading the complete blender creator to 2.8 with the current build as its more stable so its worth checking back there too.

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Doesn’t show much but I captured a look around as I looked for hidden menus.

I’m looking forward to the updates to the ‘Complete Blender Creator’ course!

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Thanks, Its looking like its a broken build issue so hopefully there will be a nightly build tonight to fix the issue (Not sure if they are still producing at that rate)

I’m in the 2.80.40 build and so far aside from a few material and node editor crashes its pretty stable.

Although control and T with the node editor on my version adds textures nodes twice!

I’m using the latest version of 2.80 (04/02/19), but still no options to change colour or anything in the image editor… Anyone know if they’re going to bring this back at some point? Or is it just some option I have to enable somewhere…?

In the current version (Mar 11th) if you go into Image Editor > Paint and click on the Draw Icon you get an option bar at the top of the screen. If you select the Brush Icon you have the colour picker. Note however, that if the Light/Dark slider is set to Black the colour palette is not very obvious and so is easy to overlook.


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