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Hi, what plans are there for further Unreal C++ and Blueprint courses? Will we see more complete courses for Unreal to follow along with?

It all seems very Unity and Blender at the moment…

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One for @Marc_Carlyon , I think.

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Hi PaulB7538,

We currently have a humble bundle deal out for our unreal courses and included in that is our upcoming third person action blueprint course in unreal.
We are always looking out for new courses to produce so if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see please do let me know in this thread and i can feed it back to our production team.
Also if you have any favourite you tubers that you have followed in your courses please do let us know!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Marc & Dan,
Thank you for getting back to me, I have all your unreal courses (other than the multiplayer one as it does seem a bit dated now). I quickly checked out the Humble Bundle and the 3rd person Course looks promising definitely something that I would be interested in picking up. I know it still in development but I do hope in the end game the player does not run around with the gun in like it does and that we have proper animations for holding running aiming etc… As that would def be a deal breaker as it not at all what you would expect to find in a game. As for other game ideas i would like to see an AI specific course, that teaches you how to create AI, move on from the AI you create in the Shooter in the C++ course. How to get get street crowds etc or interaction with NPC for dialog , quests etc, How you would implement routines for them so they get up go to work or something have dinner go home, go to bed… I guess ultimately what I would love would be a series as deep as the excellent RPG series you have for unity, But for Unreal in the style of GTA so you have third person, Different styles of AI NPC (Civilian, Police etc ) NPC quests interaction, inventory, vehicles ,

EDIT: How long is the 3rd Person course slated to be? A full course or a mini one in the vein of the FPS Stephen done?

That would be amazing!!

Honestly at the present i am only aware of the course creation as i have been tied up with blender content the last couple of weeks so not sure on its exact content or length.
I do know it has at least 3 sections at present and there is more to come but as for content i am due to start reviewing the content tomorrow/monday.

I have highlighted this post and the suggestions to our production team to see what we have planned in the future and if we need to head hunt for instructors as AI is a pretty complex topic and also a very broad one.

Thank you again for the prompt reply Marc,
Have picked up the humble bundle.

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