Further painting adventures - after blender texture painting course


So I did the texture painting course some time ago, but as I enjoyed the process I decided to try something new in texture painting, just for fun. So this is my second project after the tower, and I thought I might share it here, because why not? :wink:
Its a stylized hand painted axe

After painting it in blender I added 2 little effects to the blade in Corel Painter (rust and blood) as an experiment, it was super easy and took like 2 minutes for both. Probably it is possible to do in blender, but layers are super convenient for such things. (Give layers for painting Blender!)

Anyway, I had some fun, will probably try some more painting in my free time


Good game related object.

Looks great.

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You can do this by adding more logic to the material NODE design!
But you need more CPU power for complex things.
Also Substance Painter is very good in this …

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Oh I see! That is a smart solution indeed! But its a workaround, you’d need as many textures as layers you want to create and it gets messy (I would think) - I mean this only for hand painted stuff, for generated textures its great.

Yeah, Substance Painter looks great in this regard. But it costs a little more than Blender :wink: Maybe Blender is not Substance Painter, but I hope it will get some more functionality, because I have a feeling it lacks a little in this department. Grease pencil seems to be developed quite heavily now, so who knows, maybe texture paint will get some of this love too.

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Substance painter is nothing more then a smart Photoshop layer manager.
If you paint a texture, substance will update several (photoshop) layers for you. Like diffuse, roughness, bumpmaps and even normal maps. You manage layers as it were.

Blender material nodes can do this too, the layering of bitmap layers. But yes, a lot of work.
And you can’t paint on multiple bitmap layers at once. You need to do it one by one …

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This looks super slick. Outstanding job!

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