Furry Heads

I tried sculpting and almost got there, maybe you could recognize him… :wink:

This is the result after vertex painting and adding materials.


Unfortunately, I did not recognize him. Still, it is a good model.

I don’t want you to be confused or do a lot of changes, because this is really hard work.
But the are some basic rules in facial design, like;

  • Eyes - one eye is about 1/5 of the frontal face width.
  • Ears - between to eyes and underside of the nose.


Yes I did made this model keeping the proportions right, the eyeballs I measured 5 of them against the face and the ears, tried to place them at the correct line b/w eyes & ears. Certainly I’ll practice more human heads. The problem that I feel is jawline isn’t coming the way I wish, is it necessary to have a neck for this to turn right?
And sir, one more question out of this context… I’m not having a high end system, currently working on a laptop, is that why Blender crashes more often?

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Yes, could be. I have a laptop too. I even burned down my graphics card on rendering stuff. Now it has heating problems, so I keep projects low level.
I do not know which Blender version you are using, maybe some (newer) versions are more (un)stable …

The most problems I have is with the vonoroi material node. It crashes a lot. I am using still 2.83. So then I save regularly my Blender progress.

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Yeah, I’m too using 2.83, but it crashes if the model has too much poly counts.
Oh does saving the work regularly is a remedy to this ! Wasn’t knowing that, Thanks :v:

This is my model of a rabbit i sculpted added hair and filled my environment
Really happy how it turned out
If you guys have any suggestions hit me up, this course was my first attempt of 3d modelling and here we are


Looks good.
You could try combing the hair more along the body.

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The grass is excellent! Eyes too.
The nose needs a bit more attention (better visible).
I am missing the whiskers (no need for), but it is part of the challenge.

The hair on the ears is difficult. Nee more faces, because hair is emitted from the face or vertices (if chosen so)

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