Furry Heads

I tried sculpting and almost got there, maybe you could recognize him… :wink:

This is the result after vertex painting and adding materials.


Unfortunately, I did not recognize him. Still, it is a good model.

I don’t want you to be confused or do a lot of changes, because this is really hard work.
But the are some basic rules in facial design, like;

  • Eyes - one eye is about 1/5 of the frontal face width.
  • Ears - between to eyes and underside of the nose.


Yes I did made this model keeping the proportions right, the eyeballs I measured 5 of them against the face and the ears, tried to place them at the correct line b/w eyes & ears. Certainly I’ll practice more human heads. The problem that I feel is jawline isn’t coming the way I wish, is it necessary to have a neck for this to turn right?
And sir, one more question out of this context… I’m not having a high end system, currently working on a laptop, is that why Blender crashes more often?

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Yes, could be. I have a laptop too. I even burned down my graphics card on rendering stuff. Now it has heating problems, so I keep projects low level.
I do not know which Blender version you are using, maybe some (newer) versions are more (un)stable …

The most problems I have is with the vonoroi material node. It crashes a lot. I am using still 2.83. So then I save regularly my Blender progress.

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Yeah, I’m too using 2.83, but it crashes if the model has too much poly counts.
Oh does saving the work regularly is a remedy to this ! Wasn’t knowing that, Thanks :v: