Furry Fox

My fox for the Furry Heads section of the course. I spent about 3 or 4 days on it, and I’m now pretty please with the result. Would like a little more character to the fur around the body, but for now I think I’m done cuz this project is hurting my PC. I should have remeshed the fox with a bit less high resolution as he is made up of 600,000 faces :stuck_out_tongue:

Please note the lecture discussions doesn’t link to the appropriate section on the forums :slight_smile:



Really good! I love foxes!


Part of learning is to try.
But I understand, it is a lot of work to do a re-toplogy of the mesh.

Looks like its 26_FL onwards.
I’ll flag this with the team and see if i can get this resolved :slight_smile:
Thanks @FedPete

There are some tricks to retopologising which we cover more in the characters course :slight_smile:

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