Funko Pop Mech - Textured and HDR


The scene rendered with a self made Cameo texture (procedural). Nothing fancy really, a voronoi texture with some noise and a colorramp for the colors. (bump on the cockpit lttle bit to stong i think)


Scene and mechs are looking good.

I love the details on the ground, they seem to be real.
Did you use displacements techniques?

For example, at the bottom right, there seems to be a sort a wood branch or metal bar. Is it a dedicated mesh?


I like the voronoi texture on the mechs. Kind of Alien looking. Interesting!


Hi Patrick.

No, it is no dedicated mesh, it’s part of a free HDR called Fin4_ref.exr from (I believe it was) HDR Haven.

What i did though, is make the plane where the mech is standing on a ’ Shadow Catcher’ (A 2.8+ option on the object), then it will only render the shadow falling onto the plane so you see the shadow blending on the HDR.


How’d you make them “stand on the floor”? seems very real with the shadows on the ground etc… Realy great job :slight_smile: