Fun with the Human Head

Just spent this evening making this. It’s not done yet, but I’m pretty amused with it so I wanted to share it before I go to bed. More info in the morning.





I started doing to the Human Head section. This is my first attempt.

I went for the “Poly to Poly” method, and basically extruded the vertexes/edges one by one or in groups for the whole thing. It was a bit tedious, but I liked having control of the shape. This is my first LOD, and I’m pretty sure it’s too detailed for the beginning. In fact, I already removed many edge loops to reduce detail, which was giving me difficulty as I tried to round out the back of the head.

After I finished the mesh, I got excited to play around with it, so I did what anyone would do and slapped the head onto a little wheeled Robot. Above is the model without textures.

And here’s what it looks like in LookDev mode. It’s a first attempt, as I said, and still a work in progress, but as always I appreciate any feedback you all have to offer. Anyone else trying the “Poly to Poly” method? I’d love to hear from you.



Wouldn’t want to mess with this bad boy! I’m barely done with the first section so I don’t have any useful input but I think this really captures the essence of what an Evil Mastermind Bot would be. The detail in the head shape and face is great! Looking forward to the progress.

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Most fitting, especially when you up the poly detail later. Clearly Davros before he got a full Darlek base.

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Whoa, it does look like that guy! Funny, because I’ve never watched Dr. Who. :joy:

The latest silliness. This is too fun.


And goodnight.


Changed the thread name because I’m moving away from the Mastermind Bot and just playing around with different heads.

Here’s the latest iteration.

Played with the hair and texture, and tried to sculpt some more wrinkles and definition on his face, but I wasn’t able to get as precise creases as I wanted. Still lots of room to improve but I’m having fun playing with it.


Woah!! :fire: :fire: Amazing!



My attempt at a more realistic head. I’ve been adhering more closely to the method presented in the classes with this one.

Started off looking pretty creepy.

Comparison with / without the cage activated. Horrifying!

And here’s how it looks after I’ve joined the ear. Still got a ways to go but I’m happy with the progress. What do you guys think?



I am as surprised as he is … Funny hair


Oh god that hair

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Doctor Strange vibes.

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Making progress.

Now why has the hair got no hair? :rofl:

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As you wish. Took several tries as it kept crashing Blender :man_facepalming: :laughing:


Now has the hair on the hair got hair?

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Haven’t finished my main head yet, but I wanted to make a skull. I’ve been applying the same technique from the course used to make the head.

Here it is rendered a few different ways. Still a work in progress, but what do you guys think?


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