Fun little Oscillation Obstacle Experiment

As a recovering VFX Artist/Animator was excited to jump into some familiar waters with Sin/Cos. But was surprised how much I struggled with applying it to Rotation. Most systems ive been in had readily available ways to convert quaternions to vector3’s (or, you know, let me pretend im working with a vector3), but there were a few levels on which I got stuck initially, starting with simply trying to serializeFields lol. Got there eventually but still feel like im not getting the rotation I want at a predictable rate. Definitely some more diving to do.

One thing I learned in this process, from what I can tell in Unity, BYORangeMapper :tired_face:


Very cool

what did you use to record?

Just windows native screen recorder through “game bar”

Wow! This is cool!
I’m struggling with rotation too, so I decided to keep moving on the course and then come back later when my programming skills will be a little better.
Any tips on where to find some good info on how to get the rotation done?

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