Fun debugging experience on the Climb Tilemap Challenge

My initial attempt was using the duplicating the logic for the platforms and altering. I was confused for a while why my character wasn’t colliding as expected how I had it set up, and watching Rick’s solution I understand why he chose to use a Trigger.
For some odd reason though I was banging my head for a while trying to understand why my character said it was on the “Climb” layer when that was only designated to the latter. I think when I redid my Tiremap when debugging, I had copied each component for verbatim, so that the chunk mode on the tilemap from platform had appended to the latter sprites, so I had to go from "chunk → individual → chunk) for the tiremap renderer to recalculate for just for the sprites that were int the tilemap. I’m guessing the tilemap doesn’t recalculate each time like I had expected when altering?

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