Fully textured orc

Here’s my final texture job on the orc! Nothing too fancy, but not terrible for the little time I’ve had to work on it these past few weeks


I really like the design. It’s not too scary an orc though, but I guess that’s how you intended him to be. Looks to me like a rubber toy, so much that I can actually picture a child playing with it. I’m sure in time you will add to it and make the orc even cooler. I’m thinking that maybe the wounds on his torso and over his eye could do with some reddening, and maybe you can add some decoration to the boots since they’re quite plain. Depends on how complex you want it to get. All in all, it’s a great blend!


Thanks! And yeah, I leaned a lot to a simpler sculpt and texture in general since I’m not used to sculpting and texture painting (I mostly did block modeling and procedural materials until this course), I’ll definitely try my hand at making more detailed sculpts in the future though!

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It’s because of the material. It is too blend, no glossy, roughness is to high.