FString reference and Input

In Bull Cows Game between lesson 50 and 60 how does the program know to wait for the player to press enter and what is our code that gets and saves the string to variable [Input]
We declared a function in the class header file:
[virtual void OnInput(const FString& Input)
I understand that the program runs the code as it seen so on the function declaration line of [OnInput] it is declaring [Input] to be constructed with [const] of string type referencing the Unreal terminal value upon pressing enter as the parameter [FString& Input] and it 's scope is local. Is that correct? And what is [virtual] and [overdrive]?

The project was preconfigured with all of this setup. All of the code is in Source/Console.

More or less, Input is local to the function and it’s a const reference to the argument (which in this specific case is only called by the terminal code)

That’s coming later, it’s to do with inheritance.

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