Front View tracing -Low poly animal

how do we trace the front view of a reference image(animal) accurately without having a lot of loop cuts/faces + how to do the proportional editing along the body after tracing(side view)

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What course are you doing and what lecture are you om, that might help us understand what you are trying to do.

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Close ups additionally where they help.

I would say, start with block modeling.

  • Using basic shapes to model roughly.
  • Add one or two loops, modify the shape again
  • Again add loops and add details.
  • join the object with boolean modifier … remesh model … start sculpting

This is the method explained in the Orc course.

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[Blender 3.5]

The above image is the front view trace of a dinosaur, I’ve applied the mirror modifier to it. While I was trying to match up the faces with the border, the body isn’t proportional on changing the view , so I had to manually create a couple of extrusions and edge slides wherever required to make it proportional.
what’s the better way of doing it?

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It may be worth going through the lectures again and making a new one.

One thing of note from the image is it would seem the mirror line is not along the main axis, as the body
centre parts can be seen not to be in line.

I would not add more loops and extrusions not done by Grant.
When you look front on like that you can select verts and carefully move them to line up with the background image.

(I suspect you mean added a mirror modifier, ‘applied’ has a Blender specific meaning which is committing what the modifier was doing to a permanent state rather than the ‘mathematical’ creation that a modifier is, that can always be altered UNTILL it is ‘applied’.)

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