From New Skill to Revenue Stream

Hello Fellow Classmates!

If you find yourself looking to turn your newfound skills into a revenue stream, I may have an opportunity of interest. The formalities are negotiable and the gist of what is needed are 3D assets for a popular MOBA that could be offered as compensation for support of a league I coordinate.

Essentially, I am part of a coordinating and promotional Dota 2 league effort for amateurs complete with sponsorship and rising internet clout. Our immediate need is for an in-game courier that could be offered to individuals that purchase a league ticket that supports our efforts.

Part of my ambition is to complete this course and begin designing these assets myself, however, the opportunity exists for anyone to participate and be compensated for their efforts.

My business partner and I have positioned our LLC in a strategic position and, as a result, have created inroads that work to expedite the process of actualizing revenue streams for folks that may be interested in the opportunity.

If this is of interest to this community, I can expound here. For clarity, it is not necessary to work with my LLC to take advantage of the opportunity to become a community artist for Dota 2. What can come about through a collaborative effort is the potential expedited efficiency of sales of assets by getting assets attached to the league tickets that the LLC has plans to offer quarterly starting in 2017.

I’m happy to help others either find their own way into the scene if that is one’s interest or, if working together in a professional environment with deadlines, meetings, and most importantly, pay is of interest, we can make arrangements for more private conversations.

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