Frogs for 3D print

Had to make a coulple frogs for 3d printing. So I sculpted them first then retopologized the red one. I’ve been wanting to try this so badly and i got to say i really liked it. Sculpting alowed me to get the creative side out quick. Then i could put on music or my aduio book and just mindlessly get better topology. what do you think?


Got one printed need to break off the foundations but will get the done on monday


I saw your post and…

…reddit… :frog:

Sorry, couldn’t resist! :smiley:

This is very impressive, it looks enormous as well. Does the stand under the chin snap away too?

What is the purpose for the frog by the way?

Hahaha. Yes the part under does snap away and its for a client that needed 3 frogs modeled and printed, i made 2. My daughter saw them and was like. I want one. This will most likely be hers lol.

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awww… fantastic… what better reason than that :slight_smile:

fab work, well done.

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