Friendly ogre process

I’m enjoying the course so far and I wanted to share my progress with you. This is my first 3D sculpt, so I find it quite difficult. Fortunately, Grant is a great teacher.

I’m having an issue in Blender, though. Maybe it happened to somebody else who could help me. When I’m in dyntopo mode, I can’t use shift/smooth tool, so I have to uncheck it everytime I need to smooth the mesh.

Thanks in advance and hello everyone!


Oh boy, I like your model. it has character, really!

Can not help you with this ‘shift’ problem. Looks familiar problem, but no reveal.
Did you merge those meshes together?
There was an option where Blender remembers the dyntopo mode option … I forgot.

Maybe you need to use ctrl instead?
Access the Blender manual …

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It won’t work even when I actually select the smooth tool, so I guess it’s another thing. It’s weird because the first time I followed the steps it was working, but then I had to go back to a previous saved file and then it started happening. Maybe it’s just a bug, but just in case there’s a step I forgot. I can work on it anyways, it’s just annoying. The shapes are already joined, yes.

Thanks for the comments! :blush:

Not to make it more difficult for you!

But you can open a fresh new Blender file. So hopefully without any strange option switched on or off. Happens to me a lot.

Then in this new file, you append the orc mesh / object / collection (is the best).
Use main menu > File > Append … locate your orc file, open it, find the thing you want to append. The orc probably. then save file under new name, check if shift works …

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It worked! Thanks so much for the help :clap:

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