Friendly centipede man

Hey there, just sharing my first go at the sculpting, when the course told me to go hideous I took it to heart! Did not give it much colour since only the eyes are a different object and texturing everything looks horrying with such a high poly mesh and I’m betting there probably is a better way explained later on how to do it rather than grabbing individual faces and assigning materials.
Screenshot from the sculpting screen.

“Coloured” Render

I’m really looking forward to texturing and animating his movements :smiley:
Also I have a question - Is the poly count here really not that important? I have over 125k triangles on this model, not counting the eyes, just wondering if I went overboard or if later on you can do some decimations to make the model actually usable :smiley:


It is truly hideous! :rofl:

Very good sculpting.





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