Freestyle issues

I’ve been doing a project with freestyle to create a 2D effect, and it has been having improper effects, such as going through the floor, not applying itself to certain creases, and I’d also like to know how to create outlines for areas that two objects collide.

Take this cube for an example, the left and right edges are missing the freestyle, and the middle line goes through the floor, and the points where the cube and floor collide don’t have a line, which is what I’d like to do. Let me know if you need more example pictures to understand the problem better.

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Alright, so I think I’ve found a bit of an answer for now, or rather, a new method for an outline and that is Blender 2.93’s new line art feature, which I believe will serve me better than the standard freestyle. Seems to be more predictable and true to what I’m after, and it solves the problems I’m having with freestyle at the moment. I have messed with it quite a lot so my opinion may change. But as of now, this is how it stands.


Using the latest Blender version, mean also new bugs and work-a-rounds…

There is this cell shading trick, to use the skin modifier with backface inverted.

You can use the wireframe modifier.

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