Free Chicken!

Not sure if we’re going to have a community asset repo but I’ve been working on a chicken model for my RPG today, while attempting to figure out rigging and animation. And as we all know, any decent RPG needs a chicken in there somewhere.

I’m happy for others to use it and have included it below. It’s rigged and comes with 2 animations. (1.4 MB) - Unity Package.

Chicken.blend (950.4 KB) - Blend file.



thats really sweet work there @Stephen_Crookes!

Might be worth mentioning to the lads @ben, @Michael_Bridges as like you say everyone needs a chicken or 3 :wink:


…I can’t help but think that someone should probably put together a quick particle effect that consist of a poof of feathers… :slight_smile:

That’s really cool btw @Stephen_Crookes - nice animation! :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t too happy with the textures on the original so I’ve had another crack at it. Completely remodelled and textured.

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cracking chicken… eggs-elent work… :wink:

Looks really cool… having a couple of different textures for this bad boy girl would be kinda neat so you could add a little variety in your chick’n coop :slight_smile:

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