Free AI Rendering in Blender Plugin - A cool stuff

This might be interesting for use. Free AI rendering in Blender

The full tutorial on how to use it.


Yes clever and scary stuff on first impressions. It has been mentioned before. Doubtless, it will find a niche and uses.


Ohhhhh, Blender has a “FREE” AI plugin?!?!?!? WOW, I’m definitely going to have to try it!!

I’ve been playing with a few AI software packs, and very interesting. I’m sure if it works well in Blender, I just might play with AI more. :wink:


I think there is nothing scary in it, and the way it is being developed, I feel with more Data (user adoption) it is going to get closer to reality in coming times. They are having subscription model too, so I guess they are selling somehow.

Been a bit of chat about ‘artists’ losing work and such like. Getting closer to reality actually makes that worse! Doubtless, some tools will come of it of use though, like denoising is. But images from words, if effective, will mean work passes to programmers and wordsmiths, from, or further from maker types of minds/people. New is usually a double edged sword helping some and harming others. Those with lifelong skills with a scythe were badly affected by combine harvesters.

But change is the rule!

It’s always better to adopt.

There are advocates of either side, but the fact is AI is there to stay.

This tool may or may not be useful, but others will be and the way ahead is AI. Artists may choose to stick to the traditional way.

We are not only in a phase where AI rendering is being worked upon, but also inverse AI rendering is coming up fast too.

Not saying it isn’t, however it messes up some people’s lives entirely. Hence scary. Fortunately, I am long past wanting any livelihood from making models, textures, assets, etc. but for many others, it is their lives.

What is

Change is not only one direction too, I recently bought a scythe. When the power goes off ai dies.

Inverse AI is about converting 2D Character, Objects or Environment in 3 D. The leader as on date for inverse AI is Nvidia.

I would not believe in any conspiracy theory of someone’s life getting messed up entirely because of the usage of AI in design and render, unless and until one is a victim of spamming and like frauds. This is not how Machine Learning or AI works. There are a lot of IoT devices, including modern TV sets, that are using AI.

It’s not also about earnings, but it’s all about learnings.

Please forgive me if I did use any word or sentence that shouldn’t have been used !

AI definitely will die with no power. We are in the ages of the beginning of AI. It’s all about (as for now) whether the device is having online connectivity and backup or not in real time with regressive data assessments. No one company can deliver this on date. It is all about Data and their interpretation which is subjected to the problems of conditional Heteroscedasticity. The same problem that infests Economics since the advent and usage of Econometrics.

Edit: I see now it’s a paid API :frowning:

Good presentation with least of tech

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We already have AI ruining illustrators lives, it is 3D that will get destroyed next.
I am one of those people who in the future would like to make a living with 3D/games if possible, and all I see these Art AI’s useful for is destroying future oppourtunities for people like me. I get it as a programmer that it’s amazing we can make AI do whatever. But I also think AI could be be more developed in areas outside of art. I like to think that the time tech people spent making these agents, if devoted to something else, would be much more beneficial for humankind.

Regardless, I get a microwaved art kinda feel from AI generated stuff. Much like I wouldn’t call someone who can use a microwave a chef, I wouldn’t necessarily consider someone who used AI to generate their work an artist.

But anyways, that’s just my two cents on AI in art.

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