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Guys, I see some misunderstanding in the 13. Views » Project 2/2 video and the following Quiz, as below:

Selecting Edit -> Frame Selected (or hitting F or double-clicking a GameObject in the Hierarchy) does in fact center the view onto the selected GameObject. In contrary, doing what you are telling (Shift-F, or Edit -> Lock View to Selected which is the same), locks the view to selected GameObject. The latter is seemingly the same as first but, in addition, it will keep framing the object as it moves, thus making it possible to continuously track a mobile object (e.g. if you like to track it in run-time or simply while moving it around using the transform tool in the scene). Try it :slight_smile:

Edit: The same goes for 14. Views » Scene video.

Also, remember it won’t work from anywhere. Hitting F only works when your cursor is over the scene view, while shift + F works from everywhere.

The cursor bit is probably where I was going wrong. Could you tell me the times in the video where I make the error so I can go and patch them?

Views >> Project 2/2, starting around 04:55.
Views >> Scene, around 1:47 - 2:00
Views >> Scene, around 6:31 - I wonder why it didn’t auto-zoom the object after hitting shift-F there. It only does that when you lose focus from the hierarchy (with the object still selected) e.g. by clicking on the scene view. Normally, having the object selected and hitting F with the cursor on the scene or hitting shift-F anywhere should center and zoom the view onto the object.

Btw. Views >> Scene, 4:17 -> you don’t need to hold alt + middle button to move the view. Holding middle button and moving the mouse is sufficient to move the view, no matter which transform tool is currently selected.

Okay, I have edited the two videos. It would be great if you could let me know what you think.

Good stuff, now both framing options are explained thoroughly/correctly - Thanks for that and thank you for the credits :slight_smile:

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