FPS Game

You can make a FPS game course. You only have an rpg course as a full game course for intermediate developers. A FPS game will be a nice idea. It can have both multiplayer and singleplayer. You can split it up into multiple courses like you did with the rpg course. Hope this gets addressed.

In the Unity3D course there’s a section dedicated to making a FPS, it doesn’t go as deep as making a multiplayer tho, but the basics are there.

I know that the basics are there but it will be better to make and fps course for intermediate developers. In one course they could teach everything about the fps except some small things like boss battle or saving players progress. And in second part of the course they could teach to add multiplayer and other things like character selection, class selection etc.

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I mentioned the 3D course because there’s no way for me to tell which courses you have taken, I was just trying to be of help so you don’t have to wait for a course that might never come out, for instance: I’ve been waiting 2 years to see Sam tackle AI and Machine Learning :sweat_smile:

If you don’t want to wait and want to build what you are describing my suggestion is to take the following courses:

  • 3D course - For the reasons we already discussed.
  • Multiplayer Course - You’ll learn everything you need to build an online multiplayer game regardless of the genre.

That’s pretty much all you need. If you think you are lacking the knowledge to build on top of the FPS you can take the following courses:

  • RPG series - This series is more of a beginner-to-intermediate type of course. Sam and Rick teach some great new tools you can implement in any type of game.
  • Programming Desing Patterns For Unity - This is a truly intermediate course. Sam digs into some neat patterns to code your games, but if you are not somewhat familiarized with certain concepts it will be hard to follow.

I also recommend checking other FPS courses out there, Penny de Byl’s courses are amazing, but she can be hard to follow if you are not an intermediate programmer, she doesn’t explain how the things she uses work, she just explain why she uses those tools instead of others, also her coding style is somewhat chaotic, but if you can get past that she’s awesome, she has done some of my favorite Unity courses.

Finally, you can also check the Unity official Learn site, they have tons of courses for free on how to make an FPS and multiplayer games.

Thanks for your reply but I was not planning to make an entire fps game as its a big project and it will be hard for me to keep games like this up to date which can also slow down my learning process. I thought the fps course would be pretty big so I can learn a lot.

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