Four ideas for this website

  1. Make it easier to get back to your last video when you visit
  2. Let us be able to toggle the video side bar so that we can see the video in a bigger image which means its easier to do browser side by side with text editors/other programs.
  3. Add a topic section specifically for suggestions about the website and broader stuff such as discord for example.
  4. Make it easier to tell what video a community member is on by
    a. Making it easier to know what the name of the course and video is on the post.
    b. Providing a link to that post.

I don’t understand why this website can’t be gradually improved?

I checked out your ideas for the website, and they sound awesome! I think the layout and user experience are key. Adding a blog is a great call—it’ll keep folks coming back for more juicy content. Also, having a FAQ section can save time for visitors and you. Plus, everyone loves a good FAQ, right? And hey, integrating could boost visibility! It’s all about getting noticed out there. Lastly, don’t forget a contact page—gotta make it easy for people to reach out. Keep up the good work, and let me know how it goes!

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