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I found it too hard for my level as a beginner. I will say he’s a great teacher and explained things well. What let it down, was changes in the code which I wasn’t aware of till I was halfway through. There was no warning of this or how to implement the changes. I started copying some of the change from the github pages, then it turned into a total mess where lots of error came up and I had no idea how to fix them. At the start I had spent a lot of hours wading through the code trying to see where I went wrong and couldn’t find anything. It could be a matter of different version that have small change and it wrecks the code. I did learn a lot about animation and player movement and setup up control keys and I’m pleased about that. But I would warn newbies that there are changes to most lessons, and to check the info tab if there are changes to go to the github link and copy and paste the changes back into your own scripts and to do this from the start, not halfway through. If you do this you may have a chance to finish. I’d like thank the instructor for their effort. And wish you the best for the future !

Hi Midnight_Stories,

I am sorry to hear that you found this section a little too hard for you as a beginner.
We do all code changes on screen and we QA our courses not only for editing but also we have a member of the team follow along with the course so that we can ensure that everything does work (Although mistakes can happen as we are only human after all!).

I am not sure if you are aware also we have dedicated teaching assistants on all of our courses and on the initial release its myself that looks after the course so by all means always reach out to us if you find you are having difficulties with an error in your code or understanding any part of the teaching. We will always be happy to help.

Thank-you for your honest feedback and please do feel free to reach out to point out which points in the course that you struggled with as we can always revisit the lecture and see if we can make it easier to follow along.

Marc Carlyon Support Leader

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