Fort Vanguard Prototype (Realm Rush - Playtest and Balance)

Try my game (prototype) here: by

In addition to the given challenges, I also spent time adding…
-Score and health pools separate from bank/gold/money.
-An additional constructable building (a tower).
-Buttons to select which building to construct.
-The ability to construct ballistae atop towers. Elevated ballistae have increased range.
-The ability to demolish/refund buildings.
-A visual indicator when mousing over tiles to indicate if they are valid build sites.
-A particle effect to show when enemies get damaged.
-And, of course, post-processing.

Fingers crossed these additions don’t mess with the changes coming in the next lectures!

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Coming along nicely! Keep up the great work!

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Loved it… the features, the balance, and the level design. :checkered_flag: :balance_scale: :video_game:

Played it a couple of times. Did around 300+ score. :large_orange_diamond:

Looking forward to what you’ve added down the line. :eyes:

Great job there :muscle: great coding and game design.

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