For people going through the material course

In Blender 4.0 they added the ability to have panels in node groups. I’d recommend using the feature for all the shaders in the advanced section.

Panels are collapsible sections for the inputs and outputs of your node group.

They can be added by clicking the plus icon in the group tab of the n-panel.


Might be more useful with some explanation of ‘panels’?


Thanks for bringing the lack of details of my original post to my attention. I edited it to give a little more information about what node-group-panels are, and how to add them to a node group.


Thanks for the feeback,
This is already a new feature that will be addressed in future updates to the course reflecting changes in Blender 4+, as always, your feedback is crucial to ensure the course remains relevant and covers all the most useful features and tools for procedural shading.



I’m glad to hear that you’re giving it an update; There were quite a few changes to shader nodes since 3.5.

I know that it probably won’t be out when you make the update, but I think you should make a note to mention that EEVEE will be getting displacement support in 4.2 (if all goes well).
Just a suggestion.

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Yes, one of the updates I am planning is re-working some of the materialsusing EEVEE displacement, however, with EEVEE Next being pushed to a later version, I’m not sure exactly when those updates will happen. But general updates reflecting vB4.0’s new Principled BSDF and the slightly different way bump nodes stack when daisy changed one into another should begin appear in the new month of so (as soon as I finish off the Blender Geometry Nodes Course)

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I’m glad to hear you already have an idea of how you’re going to handle it. I didn’t think that you would be making that big of an update; I was thinking that it would just be a quick overview of what had changed.

The only reason I brought it up was that I thought that it would be a little confusing if I were to switch to EEVEE-Next with displacement-only on, since EEVEE-Next doesn’t support adaptive subdivision (as far as I know.). And I didn’t know how long you were intending to do updates to the course.

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