Foot bone position in world space does not change

I am trying to check the timing of the animation like in the lecture by checking the position of the foot in world space but it does not update after the button is initially pressed. I am in Unreal 5.3.

As can be seen in this image the location is set to world position.

Is this a bug? Why is do the world space locations stop changing and act the same as the relative positions?

I can’t reproduce this on my end. What version of Unreal are you using?

Have you tried restarting the editor or selecting a different bone and back? Does this happen with other bones?

I was getting this as well in 5.3

It seems to happen when you Hightlight to Ctrl-C. If you don’t do this then it continues to update. I just switched to the foot_l instead and measured from there.

Also, changing perspective to “Back” gives you more accurate angle to measure from.


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