Food Themed Terminal Hacker Welcome Menu - Nomnom

Welcome menu for the Anagram game:


I love your menu and your facility choices; it feels very lighthearted. I appreciate that your instructions are very explicit. You tell the player right away what they must do in order to win and you also explain very clearly that players need to press a number to continue. Looking at yours, I realize that I only ask the player to make a selection but do not tell them how, and also that I did not include the level difficulty.

Good job! :slight_smile:

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Thanks GK! You’re the one with the mad art skillz, right? Your scene with the trucks was really well done.

Thanks, Waheed! I appreciate your comments. It was done with a little vision and patience, that I know you are capable of, too. I saw your street scene. Those cars have a lot of little details in them; the spokes were very cool. :slight_smile:

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