Folder Structure




Nice work. Very neat.


I had a difficult time coming up with ideas for a structure I would have used if I were making a Minecraft game, but I hope I had at least a couple of items correct. I’ll be honest, I cheated a little by looking at what @Dan_Miller posted. I don’t remember if the video spoke about “placeholder assets,” so I was lost at figuring out what those were.

I didn’t know how to make my layout as neat as Dan’s either, but I sure tried!


Gonna tack mine on here as well. Unsure yet as to what “assets” will look like for character models, environment textures, etc. so mine is mostly just folders for now.


Here’s my file structure as best as I could make it.


Just a quick and dirty framework for how I might organize a MineClone game, off the top of my head. Did not agonize over things, did not make any placeholder assets - just cruising through the course.


Here are a couple screen shots of how I have mine set up after the sections 15 and 16. This course is my first foray into game development, so I really don’t have any idea on how it would actually look while I’m working on a game. I just kind of went with me gut instinct.