Folder structure and CDO errors

I got some of the CDO errors after moving some assets around:

e.g. Error: CDO Constructor (S05_TestingGroundsGameMode): Failed to find
Turns out the path to the object is hard-coded in the relevant cpp file.
static ConstructorHelpers::FClassFinder<APawn> PlayerPawnClassFinder(TEXT("/Game/FirstPersonCPP/Blueprints/FirstPersonCharacter"));
Fixed it by editing to the new location else it was causing a hard crash (NULL) on play.

Also I decided to use some different folders and naming of some assets as per:
Assets Naming Convention / Assets folders
and a couple other style guides.

Dawns on me how important and complicated content structure and organisation can have on efficiency and thought processing. It gets tricky as some items can straddle multiple categories (i.e. do we need a ‘Blueprints’ folder).
Pre- and post-fixing can make a bunch of sub-folders redundant as we can easily use the filters provided.

All in all a far meatier task than of first-impressions!!


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