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Using blender for a while and i don’t use rotate on selected, I’m actually using the Focus selection key is the Numpad “.” Is very useful and some way faster. I can move freely and avoiding opening the preference.


I never change the rotation controls and rarely use . I think though if I was doing more animations I may rotate around selected.

It depends on working styles, but very helpful when you are searching an object (when are many): Selecting with the outliner and then use . to find it in the 3D viewer

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I was also used to the “.”, leaving the rotation as was default. Playing around in the challenge, however, I learned something new: “View” > “Align view” > “View lock to active” has the same effect! Even more, the shortcuts seem easy enough:

  • Num-"." => focus on selection
  • Shift + Num-"." => lock view to selection
  • Alt + Num-"." => unlock view

I think the effect is the same as setting it in preferences, except that if you change the selection, the focus does not follow (unless you push Shift+Num-"." again). For me, this makes it a little more convenient to just try this out from time to time (without having to go through the preferences) and maybe discover specific scenarios where it is in fact easier to rotate the view around a specific, fixed object :slight_smile:


Nice! I’ll try it!

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