Flying Terror - 3 minute experience

Here is my 3 minute experience of Flying Terror, hope you enjoy!

It is quite challenging but I have tested it and it is possible to win. Some sections work a bit like a puzzle because you have to figure out how to dodge things or remember where and when exactly a thing flies by your ship. So it is normal to die a couple of times ;).

Give it your best shot and tell me what you think!

edit: The music is also original.

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Wow this is incredible! Can you explain more how you made this and what was your inspiration?

Thanks! Well I used a lot of camera rotation to get some cinematic feeling going on, and when animating both the player ship and the enemies I used “Align with view” very often so I could have the object in the right place with minimum effort. So I tried to do things the most time-efficient way. But because I was learning along the way, I didn’t really have a general Idea on what my focus or inspiration was, It just kinda came together in the end. But I can say I tried to make a dark/powerful atmosphere, and I tried to make the post processing, the music I made and the general design fit with that atmosphere.