Fly The Coop: A Chicken's Journey - A Project Boost Variation

Hello Everyone!

I have completed my Section 3 project, Project Boost, with my own variant called “Fly The Coop”! It’s the story of a young chicken who seeks to find her missing brood. This is the real story of why the chicken crossed the road.

The levels get more difficult and I fully have plans to improv this project - including new boost particles, new levels and UI - after finishing the course (and even more after the RPG course!).

Enjoy and please let me know what you think!

(A) to rotate left
(D) to rotate right
(Space) to boost

Yes- I kept the die-and-start-over mechanic. I think it makes it more challenging!

Demo Video: (Direct link if Adobe is giving you trouble)

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Fly The Coop: A Chicken’s Journey


Very funny. Love the story. I couldn’t get past the fourth level though. :stuck_out_tongue:
Brilliant idea!

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Thanks Jason! I’m glad you liked it!

For the fourth level, what was it that got you? My wife said she died before getting past the broken pipe. The particle effects will kill you (think super hot steam). I may have to cut down the length of the cylinder…

Thanks for playing and I look forward to your feedback!

yeah, the steam got me a few times, then the laser shields another time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: With the steam it’s hard to tell where the danger zone is.

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I thought it might be. I tried to make the collider exactly the size of the particle effect. I suppose I could try adding a collider to the particle and have it more exact. Either way, I’m pulling that cylinder up a bit!

Thank you again for your feedback!

Congratulations idea and performance! Love it. :slight_smile:

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