Fluffy Bunny / Evee (Pokemon)



I thought this was very hard… especially if you have an old laptop… The test renders sucked up a lot of time and patience. At least I had some spare time to watch some tips on hair particles on youtube :smiley:

I am happy about the outcome, but a lot can be improved! If you have some tips for me, please share it. The chest hair in particular.

I posted a reference picture of evee. Would you make three different particles for his chest/neck hair? Because i couldn’t manage to make it like in the picture.

Good night guys and girls!


Looks spectacular!

One thing I noticed, if I can give you feedback, is the lack of depth on the head and the chest. The head looks like it is flat. I’m not sure if this is because of the hair length (giving the illusion that they are on the same X/Y level), or just the camera angle.

Other than that, I see nothing else wrong with it, and I’m not an artist–take my feedback with a grain of dirt.


No, you’re right. The head is flat. When working with fictional characters, try to get references of at least the front and side view if possible. Only looking at it from the front in an image with minimal shading makes it difficult to perceive the character’s depth, and it’s harder to translate into 3D.

Another way you could do the neck hair is to have three or more separate meshes, maybe spheres, and then giving each of them their own particle system, and give the illusion of poofiness. That’s what I did with my bunny for the chest fur and mohawk. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feed back :wink: I need to work a lot on it, but for the first time I am still happy :smiley:


I’ve been in blender for 3 years, I’ve been the teaching assistant for 2 years.
I’ve only ever seen 2 pokemon made in the fluffy bunny section :smiley:

At least you chose a good pokemon :smiley:

Well done


I put some work in the hair, but now I have the problem with the random hairs (look at his chin). Do you guys know how to fix this?


Possibly a cross over in the vertex groups causing it and look at the other brushes as you can flatten and puff up with them too :slight_smile:

Let me know if this does not help and we can look at other options