Fluffy Bunny content for your Blender 2.8 course?

Hi there. The Blender 2.8 course you have on your teachable platform seems to not include the Fluffy Bunny section (more than 7 hour content). That is included, however, in your earlier course offered in Udemy.com, which apparently was done in 2.7x but also being updated as far as I can see.

So, if I want to get as much content as possible, is it worth doing the Udemy course instead? I would like to support you through your platform directly but I would like to get as many hours of your wonderful teaching as possible. If I buy this course here, can I access the lectures on the bunny modelling somehow?


Hi VT,

You wont be missing out that i can promise you :slight_smile:
Whats happening is that in the udemy course the old content is being retired and removed but as students are still following the older content we have left it in there

On our new site you only have the new content as blender is changing so much there is little point now in including the older content.

So what does that mean for the fluffy bunny? Well we are switching the sections around, We will be adding the game asset section first for a couple of reasons.
It was noted that people struggled to render the fluffy bunny and that meant they stopped the course there.
The second being that blender 2.81 is being released soon and they are updating the sculpting tools and i think the particle systems. This means we want to bring you the NEW fluffy bunny on BOTH sites in blender 2.81 with the new tools :slight_smile:

Hope this helps and we arent going to leave you hanging :slight_smile:

That’s great, thanks!
The slight problem is that I was waiting for an answer first before committing to one platform or the other, which meant I missed out on the great BlackFriday deal that was communicated to me via email…:grimacing:

Not a problem, we can help with that :slight_smile:

Here’s a new coupon code for you: https://www.gamedev.tv/p/blender/?product_id=1503854&coupon_code=JOINUS


All the best,

You guys are awesome! Much appreciated.


Thanks @Lucy_Becker :slight_smile:

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