Hey basically trying to get the left flipper to work.

I know it’s not something you want to hear but I couldn’t figure that one out either. I couldn’t figure out how to make those hinge joints work. They always seemed to do what I didn’t expect so I moved on to the next quest and planned on coming back to it in the future.

If I heard right, you’re still going through the 2D course? If so I’m assuming you’re fairly new to Unity? If so, you might find some of the challenges are beyond you currently. I’ve been plugging at this for more than a couple of years and I still get stuck.

I suggest, trying what you can, asking for help when you need, but in the mean time, move on to the next challenge/2d section and come back later.

Hmmm Michael P. I know a real cool dude named Michael P. on the unity facebook page. Anyway thank you for your reply. At least I know I’m not alone. Someone helped me out with the flippers. I’m still doing the 2d course but I am having zucchini problems I’m hoping Nina can help me with.
So thanks dude at least someone is replying.

I gotta lol at that one.

One piece of advice I wish someone gave me early on. When going through these courses, don’t be afraid to break things. Grab the code from the git repository of the finished project and take a look. The whole thing about these courses is for you to learn how to do it. It’s not about getting you to complete each individual part successfully.

How I do courses these days is I watch through them. Occasaionally I’ll pause to try something out that I haven’t seen before or to play with some functions to see if I understand what the trainer is trying to teach. I’ll load the completed code to see how it all fits together, but I’ll just sit back and watch them putting it together instead of trying to code letter by letter, line by line etc. That way, you can focus on learning what’s is going on instead of spending a lot of time going back and forward trying to figure out where I’ve missed the comma or semi-colon.

Another way that people have done it watch the course all the way through before even attempting to type a line of code. It can help give you a solid overview of the process so you’re better prepared to understand what’s being taught.

I see so many people asking for help on the Facebook group saying that they’ve done exactly what the trainer told them to do, but they’re getting a different result. It’s usually because they’ve missed a step that they didn’t know they missed. It’s usually a case of they can’t see the forest for the trees and what makes it even harder for them is they don’t have enough overall knowledge to know how to ask a question let alone know enough to understand the answer. There’s no real fix. I understand how frustrating it is to want to achieve a goal but not knowing enough to understand the solution. It all comes with time.

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Thank you.

Did you end up figuring it out?

Last night I got motivated to tackle it and figured out how to get it working.

My issue was a combination of understanding the relative angles with it and which numbers drove what effect. I’ll work through the rest of the challenge today.

Yes someone just told me the answer. I would have NEVER figured it out. I would spend at least 2 hours a night trying to figure it out everyday (with help) & I (well really we) could not figure that one out. The truth is I did that with every challenge in pinball quest & got nowhere. If my boy Jimi wasn’t taking the skill builder & helping me I’d still be spending hours a night trying to get a plunger to work & I have no clue how he got the plunger to work. I thought pinball was simple but it seems that even the experts tell me this is a hard challenge that Rick made for us.

There were over a dozen of us testing skill builder (it used to be called Challenge Club). It felt like I was the only who couldn’t figure the pinball one out. It really pulled at my weak spots (Unity interface things) but there were a few challenges that I breezed through that others struggled with. I spent the better part of 2 hours trying to figure out how to stop the ball from falling back down… I even tried to make the Hinge joint work for it. (It’s not a good solution - well I never got it working for it). I didn’t even know there was an component that makes colliders one way, but at least I do now.