Flat, Smooth, Rough, and Shiny Chess set

Rendered in cycles with two lights white and blue.

I tried to lower the geometry as much as possible while maintaining the pieces shapes that I’m happy with.

There is some pointy edges and some artifacts when it comes to the smoothed rooks and bishops, but it doesn’t look that bad.

Overall, I’m happy with the results and I could have possible minimized the errors if I have spent more time on it, but I need to move on with the course and keep learning because the journey just have started.

Flat Shading with Rough Materials:

Flat Shading with Shiny Materials:

Smooth Shading with Rough Materials:

Smooth Shading with Shiny Materials:


Interesting overall effect having the board the same colours as the pieces.
Overall a very effective chess set.


Your chess set turned out really nice. I think I like the Smooth Shading and Rough Materials the best. :slight_smile:


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