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Hey from 2020 Adobe has discontinued the flash player and chrome isn’t supporting the video playing. So can you tell me an alternative on which browser should I watch or maybe u could change the website to HTML5 for video playing? Please try to answer my question as early as possible as I have put my course on a halt.
And I cannot use mobile to watch as the screen is really small and it is hard to look.

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Not sure on this one as Chrome still plays Udemy and the teachable videos in chrome fine for me.
Any ideas?

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I haven’t used Flash in over 5 years.

Which website are you having issues with? - We cannot do anything about Udemy.

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as far as im aware, Flash player isnt required for Udemy, it can still be used tho as per their requirements.
Think since their demise a few years back, alot has shifted to HTML5 video playback, which Udemy apparently supports both. There used to be an option in the profile to select playback method, but cant see it anymore.

they do have a caveat for flash player version requirement, if used.

Exerpt from their requirements page:

Please note that Flash Player is not required. If you have Adobe Flash Player, we recommend you have the Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22+ plug-in or higher installed.

heres the page i got that from, which was updated this morning.
Udemy Requirements

Hope you get it working again…


I’m really sorry but i think maybe the video i saw had some problem in it. I don’t remember which was that, but with me it happened like the video on Udemy played totally well but after some time it used to tell me there is problem with the flash player. Maybe I think it was some video from the fluffy bunny “2.7” old video, so I think the old video wasn’t shifted from flash player to html5.
But the new game assets videos are working totally fine for me!

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glad the videos are working for you. I have seen it in the past where, if Udemy were carrying out any maintenance it used to mess up some video playback which then needed you to log out, delete cookies etc, restart browser and log back in.

Good stuff that your back on the learning journey :slight_smile:


Odd thing happened today as i was using a vpn and forgot to turn it off whilst recovering some projects and having the kids using the net as well.
Udemy gave me a flash message error so i am wondering if they have got their error land page wrong if your are connecting to the site but not enough bandwidth to stream.
Soon as my net traffic settled down i was able to refresh the page and get access again>

It could be this that caused a similar issue

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Yes thank you!
Maybe you are right as that day Udemy wasn’t working on my mobile also maybe due to some conditions, but then when it again started working it gave me the same message of flash player.
But since then i haven’t seen any error till now, maybe the old videos had some error in it as i was watching blender 2.7 videos.

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